Good to know before taking one of our husky safaris

Husky excursion information package

• We specialise in multi-day husky sled excursions, however, we are also happy to organise shorter trips.

• Before we set off, we’ll get to know our dogs, learn about handling the sled and talk about what we’ll see and do on our excursion. You won’t need any previous experience. Our professional guides make sure that you and the dogs are safe and happy.

• Daily trips are 25–45 km long depending on the weather. Our versatile routes climb over fells and go across lakes and beautiful valleys.

• In the evening, we’ll arrive at the wilderness cabin where we’ll stay overnight. Dinner is served in the warm and cosy cabin and we can chat about the day’s events by candle light. After a fun day, have a mellow löyly at the lakeside sauna before retiring for the night.


Good to know:

• On a multi-day excursion, everyone drives their own dog sled. If you’d like to share a sled, please let us know when you book the excursion.

• On 1-day excursions two guests share a sled: one drives, the other sits and enjoys.

• On extended excursions, we have a maximum of 6 dog sleds, so we can provide you the best possible service.

• If you wish, we’ll tailor an excursion for you.

• Our excursions run west to east in the Inari area: Ivalo–Russian border, and from south to north: Saariselkä–Lake Inari.

• Every one must participate in cooking, warming up the sauna, carrying water from the lake etc. following the guide’s instructions. Our motto is: “We travel as a team”. It is fun, but also essential in the wilderness.

• Guests look after their assigned dogs: put on the harnesses and feed them in the morning and evening. It most recommended that you give them a goodnight kiss.

• Person driving the dog sled must be in good physical condition.

• Kamisak reserves the right to change timetables, durations and routes due to weather, safety or customer comfort.

• For safety reasons, anyone under the age of 18 must have a guardian’s written permission to participate in the excursion. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to participate in our excursions for safety reasons.

• All cabins are non-smoking.

• Wilderness cabins are off-grid and far from the village roads and lights. The cabins exude a true feeling of wilderness with cosy stoves and fire places. Each cabin is located by a river or a lake with pure waters. The cabins come with a sauna, and swimming is possible in the vicinity. Some of the cabins have one large living area, some have separate rooms.

• Kamisak is not responsible for the loss of or damage to belongings during excursions in the area of Kamisak.

• Customers must have a travel insurance in case of cancellations, illness, accidents and damage to belongings.

On a multi-day excursion you’ll need:

• Towel
• Warm underwear under the winter overalls
• Winter/woolly hat
• Two pairs of woolly socks
• Personal hygiene products
• Sunglasses and sun lotion (in March and April)
• Goggles to protect against blowing snow
• Head torch and spare batteries
• You may take a maximum of 10 kilos of personal belongings
• We recommend that you pack your personal belongings into a rucksack or a sports bag. Our dogs do not pull suitcases.

A multi-day excursion includes:

• Transportation from your hotel to Kamisak (from the Ivalo Saariselkä area)
• Guide services
• Meals during the excursion: half board on the first and last day; full board other days
• Accommodation in wilderness cabins during the excursion
• Dog sled with 4−6 huskies
• Winter equipment e.g. overalls, boots, gloves, sleeping bag
• Sauna in the evening
• Liability insurance

One-day excursion includes:

• Transportation from your hotel to the Kamisak Farm (within the Ivalo Saariselkä area)
• Guide services
• Lunch
• Shared dog sled with 6–8 huskies
• Liability insurance