If you love nature, dogs and horses,
look no further, we’ve got them all
here in Lapland

You are in for an unforgettable escape from the mundane. Ride a horse in the snowy wilderness or drive a husky sled yourself. In summer, you are the midnight sun rider. Have an adventure in one of the last wildernesses in Europe–safely and comfortably without any worries. Your travel companions will be your new best friends: the Siberian Husky and Finnish Horse.


It was amazing ! The first day i fell 3 times but i didnt even mind . There is so much snow you dont feel anything . But the dogs are so eager to leave in the beginning its hard to stop them…


Siberian Huskies–your new best friends

Huskies are an ancient breed with a passion for running. Here at Kamisak they lead happy lives pulling sleds. Join our trips and you’ll get to drive a dog sled yourself! And, if you take longer trek you’ll have a chance to bond with your jolly dog team. You’ll find a warm-hearted personality behind the ice blue eyes of a husky.

Good to know before taking one of our husky safaris.

Memorable horse riding excursion

What’s so special about our riding excursions? Well, you’ll experience the arctic nature and its wonders: northern lights, the polar night, the midnight sun. Have you ever ridden a horse in deep snow? Try some Finnish specialities like sauna and ice swimming. Enjoy the wilderness more freely than anywhere else. On our excursions, we won’t see any people for days. We’ll be enjoying the camp fire and go fishing. We’ll quench our thirst drinking fresh water from a stream. And, a dependable Finnish Horse will take us there. There are dozens of tales about the wisdom, work morale and loyalty of the Finnhorse. He is calm and steady, thus suitable for beginners, but it most certainly can speed himself up to serve a more accomplished rider.

Good to know before taking one of our horse excursions.