Unique nature of Lapland

Kamisak gives you a glimpse into a life where bread tastes like bread and sleep feels like a fresh breeze from the fells. Have the best of the arctic nature in Lapland–safely and comfortably. There is a vast wilderness in Lapland, but the infrastructure and society is modern. On your wilderness excursion, you can forget “the civilised world”, and if you wish, return to sleep in clean sheets for the night.

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Aurora Borealis

Old Finnish folklore tells that a firefox brushes its tail on the loins of the fell making sparks or aurora borealis. In the northernmost parts of Lapland one can see the flaming aurora three out of four nights, if the night sky is clear. The aurora are most active in early spring and early autumn. The hours before and after midnight are the best times to see them. In summer the nights are too light for the aurora.


Nature in Lapland and seasons

They say that there are eight seasons in Lapland: early winter, winter, early spring, spring, early summer, summer, late summer, and autumn. The extra four complement the four main seasons. The mighty fells, magnificent forests, rivers lakes and jänkä (sparsely forested area) follow one another in the arctic landscape that alters as the seasons change. Plants and animals in Lapland have ingenious ways of survival in the harshest of conditions. It is said that the plants in Lapland produce a multitude of active constituents compared to their southern cousins.

WINTER–polar night, snow and frost

The temperature in winter varies between -10⁰C and -30⁰C. Rarely, but sometimes the temperature may drop to -40 degrees Celsius. About a metre of snow falls in a year. During the polar night from November to January the sun is barely visible above the horizon. As there is hardly any light pollution, it is possible to see the aurora flaring and stars twinkling in the northern sky on a clear night. The arctic nature keeps one fascinated as the weather is constantly in flux. Each period of winter has its own unique character which can be only seen here in the north.

SPRING–nature awakens

The warming spring sun shines brightly; in the morning it might be frosty, even -20 °C and in the afternoon the temperature has climbed above zero. There is plenty of supportable snow until May. Nature awakens from hibernation: snow melts, days are longer, the migratory birds return to nest and the growing season begins. In Lapland all this takes place rather quickly.

SUMMER–midnight sun

Summer invites the midnight sun to shine! In midsummer, the sun shines all through the night. In northern Lapland the sun stays above the horizon from mid-May until mid-July. Light days and nights energise people. You can stay out all night! The summer temperatures might reach +25 °C and over, but on average the summer is temperate. In the highest fells a coat of snow often remains until midsummer.

AUTUMN–simply colourful

In September, the autumn brings an abundance of colours and beauty to the landscape. It’s a wonderful season for hiking. Also, berries and mushrooms are ready for picking. Nature prepares for winter as the leaves fall and birds find their way to the south. In October or November, the first snow falls.

Tips for your trip in Lapland

Comfortable accommodation and great food

This is Lapland: extraordinary with a touch luxury, not to mention the aurora borealis. The world-famous glass igloos in Kakslauttanen and cosy log cabins. About 35km from the Ivalo Airport. A bus connection.

If you’d like to have an active outdoor holiday and pamper yourself, or if you’re travelling with children, this is your hotel. We have soothing hot tubs in our spa and the Angry Birds Activity Park for children. About 25km from the Ivalo Airport. A direct bus connection.

In the middle of the Ivalo village where gold panning is still popular, this hotel offers you a relaxed atmosphere. About 11km from the Ivalo Airport.

In the village of Ivalo, a comfy and traditional hotel located on the shores of River Ivalo. About 10 km from the Ivalo Airport.

Fun activities

This fantastic resort has all kinds of activities year-round. There are different saunas (e.g. the largest smoke sauna in the world) and splendid facilities for celebrations. The Arctic Resort is a popular wedding venue and honeymoon destination. In winter, an ice chapel is available. And, Santa Claus himself lives in Kakslauttanen. Come and say hello!

The Saariselkä fell centre boasts world-class ski tracks–the best in Finland–and superb snow mobile trails. Located by a National Park, this centre offers a variety of services for an active holiday-maker.

Up north, by the legendary Lake Inari, there is a small but very interesting village. Inari features the marvellous Sámi Museum Siida and the architecturally attracting Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos that also holds the Sámi Parliament. In Inari, there are several accommodation opportunities. One of the most exciting restaurants in Finland is located in Inari, the award winning Aanaar Restaurant in Hotel Kultahovi.